Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting Phoenix

Landscape lighting is an increasing craze for a lot of property owner wishing to brighten their houses in the evening time. Landscape lighting is much better referred to as painting with light and has to do with enhancing all that is natural or man-made in a landscaped setting around the house. It is no more a high-end product for the average to an upmarket area. Landscape lighting is most reliable when utilized in restricted, subtle approaches. If crafted properly landscape lighting Phoenix could be an extension of your house decoration and can extend the use of outside areas to the house while offering security, environment and area definition. It can likewise be most reliable is concealing undesirable functions such as wastebasket or garden compost bins. Lighting is utilized to bring trees and scrubs to life during the night and extenuate elements around your house that are not noticeable or apparent throughout the daytime. If utilized properly low-level lighting can be utilized to brighten paths and stairs for safety and security. Lighting enables you to enjoy the garden and outside facilities of your house even after the sun has set.


Landscape lighting is among the very best security systems you can set up. Lighting can be utilized as a deterrent to domestic crime. Accurate percentages of landscape lighting surrounding your house have actually been revealed to lessen criminal activities by as much as half. Lighting has 2 fantastic usages to help in the security of your house. The lighting can frighten possible burglars to prevent trespassing on to your home. Should this stop working, the brightened places will likewise make it possible for you or your next-door neighbor’s to see any trespassers as they trespass.


Generally, low voltage lighting systems are utilized for landscape lighting around the house. The preferred light fittings utilized to develop the majority of lighting styles are low voltage, climate resistant components. The low voltage utilized minimizes the threat of electrocution if live circuitry or terminals are touched. Likewise, if power supply transformers are utilized to minimize the voltage, then they likewise separate the low voltage system from the mains voltage which increases security.

Not simply the Garden

Although lighting brings your garden and outside features to life in the evening time, exterior or feature lighting to the outside of your house ought to likewise be thought about. If the landscaping has actually been done properly it ought to enhance your home appropriately throughout the day. Why not extend the landscape lighting to the outside surface areas of the house also.

Narrowly beamed lighting that highlights sharp functions and large angled flood lighting to pick up flat surface areas are chosen. These 2 basic techniques produce pools of light and shadows that will change a home that might be boring throughout the day, and make it come to life during the night.


Low voltage landscape lighting is simple to set up even if you have actually never done any electrical setups before. The simplest are prewired lighting systems. These are low voltage light fittings that come totally prewired and all set to set up, with weather resistant transformers, sealed ports, and pre-installed lights. All you have to do is put each light fitting that is linked to a string of wire, where you desire it, link the transformer to the mains voltage and turn it on. It’s that basic. Independently wired low voltage light fittings and transformers need to just be set up by individuals that have the experience to do so. It is suggested that these setups must be performed by a certified electrical expert. Bear in mind that throughout the setup it is preferable to incorporate a timer or a daytime sensing unit so that the lighting is automatically turned off throughout daytime hours. Usually, landscape lighting is included after the landscaping has actually been finished. With this in mind, it would be a smart idea to lay conduits or ducts into your garden. This would reduce any trench digging when it came time to run your low voltage circuitry. Draw up where you believe you will desire your light fittings and lay conduits or ducts to fit.

landscape lighting Phoenix


As soon as the design of the landscape has actually been developed, it is extremely important to prepare the positioning of your light fittings. Lighting can concentrate on components in your landscape which are unique to you, such as garden art, a water function, or an uncommon planting. Create a point of interest by highlighting a specific tree, shrub, or architectural element of your landscape with a floodlight positioned at ground level and focused up. Mixes of light and shadow can produce remarkable impacts in total contrast to the daytime scene. Lighting around pools can produce a great matching effect off the water or develop a tropical feel. Lighting can conceal apparent landscape issues while emphasizing positive functions. Landscape lighting style is really just like the style of the landscape itself. A lot of landscape designers will include a lighting plan with their style.


Low voltage lighting is typically a DIY task and there are lots of alternatives to match your spending plan. Landscape lighting is likewise more economical than ever being available in lots of designs at a large range of rates. Although it is appealing to buy the less expensive incandescent lighting systems, in the long run, the compact fluorescent choices are much better. Incandescent lights will last for in between 750 to 1000 hours. Halogens will last for 3500 to 5000 hours. However fluorescent lights will last for as much as 10,000 hours. Due to the fact that low voltage fluorescent light fittings have a lower power usage than incandescent or halogens, this makes them preferred. Fluorescent light fittings likewise last longer than any other light fitting since they do not get as hot.

Solar Lighting

An option to low voltage lighting is solar lights. Solar landscape lighting stores energy caught throughout the day and after that when it becomes dark enough, the outdoor lighting turns on immediately and remain on all night till they run out of battery power. A great point is that solar lighting does not utilize any circuitry or external source of power Sadly the drawbacks of solar lighting is that they provide really low levels of lighting and this gets dimmer as the night goes on.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting