Business Protection Blueprint

Business Protection Blueprint

Business Protection Blueprint, STOP Business Terrorists NOW from Ruining Your Business. Today we are learning a about Business Protection Blueprint, @RichardKrawczyk's newest program: The basic premise is to set up your business in such a way that you are totally protected from anyone or entity that wishes to try to take what you have

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Facebook Video 7 - Facebook Fan Pages Vs Facebook Groups

Facebook Training Video 7 is about Facebook Fan Pages Vs Facebook Groups. In this video you will learn what a Fan Page is and what a Facebook Group is and the difference between the two in how they will help build your brand recognition or be a total flop before you ever get started.

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The Formal Business Plan Document, Part 1

The Formal Business Plan Document is one of the most important documents for your business. Have you struggled with mapping out your business's plan?  Is it an item on your To Do List that you keep ignoring?  Have you even considered writing a business plan?  There is no magic bullet for writing one but there

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State Information Links For Small Business

State Information Links For Small Business gathered for use by the SBCA Community. Alabama Montana Alaska Nebraska Arizona Nevada Arkansas New Hampshire California New Jersey Colorado New Mexico Connecticut New York Delaware North Carolina District of Columbia North Dakota Florida Ohio Georgia Oklahoma Guam Oregon Hawaii Pennsylvania Idaho Puerto Rico Illinois Rhode Island Indiana South

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Business Loan Checklist

SBA is not the only source for small business loans. State and local economic development agencies and numerous non-profit organizations provide low-interest loans to small business owners who may not qualify for traditional commercial loans. While every loan program has specific forms you need to fill out and documents you need to submit, you will

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Rural Business Loans

If your business is located in a rural community, you might consider the the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) which has a Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan Program. B&I loans work in the same manner as SBA loans. The USDA provides guarantees of up to 80 percent of a loan made by a commercial

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SBA Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) assists small business owners with starting and expanding their businesses by helping them get loans through private banks and financial institutions. SBA offers a number of low-interest loan programs for business owners who may be having difficulty getting traditional bank loans. To apply for an SBA loan, you need

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Research Grants for Small Businesses

A few federal programs provide grants to small firms engaged in scientific research and development (R&D). The Federal government's SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) programs award a specific percentage of Federal R&D funds to qualified small businesses. SBIR/STTR programs encourage small firms to undertake scientific research that helps meet

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SBA Loan Application Checklist

The following forms and documents are required when applying for a loan that is guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. SBA does not provide direct loans. You will need to contact your local bank or lending institution to obtain an SBA loan. Your lender will submit your loan package to SBA. You and your

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Small Business Grants

We've all seen the headlines: "Millions in free government money for your business." Late-night infomercials and Internet advertisements promise grants to start or expand a business. Sound too good to be true? It is. Facts About Government Grants The federal government does not provide grants for starting and expanding a business. Government grants are funded

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Tax-Exempt Bonds

What are Tax-Exempt Bonds? Tax-exempt, industrial revenue bond programs are attractive financing options for small manufacturers looking to expand operations and upgrade facilities. Tax-exempt bonds are debt securities issued by a state or local government development agency on behalf of a private business. Once issued, tax-exempt bonds are sold in the open market or purchased

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Start an Online Business

Establishing a business presence on the Internet can be a lucrative way to sell, market, and advertise your business’s goods and services.  The following topics provide details on how to start and manage an online business. Start a Business Regardless of where you choose to operate your business, certain general requirements always apply. Before you

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Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a business owned and managed by one individual who is personally liable for all business debts and obligations. Sole proprietorships are the most common - and simplest - form of business organization. Sole proprietorships are owned by one person who is generally also responsible for the business’s day-to-day operational responsibilities. Sole

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Register a Domain Name

The first technical step to starting an online business is registering a domain name. Choosing a Name Although registering a domain name is a relatively simple process, do not underestimate the importance of selecting an appropriate name. Your domain name represents the internet identity of your online business and should take into account several factors.

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S Corporation

An S Corporation or S Corp is a special type of corporation created through an IRS tax election. An eligible domestic corporation can avoid double taxation (once to the corporation and again to the shareholders) by electing to be treated as an S corporation. An S Corp is a corporation that has received the Subchapter

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A partnership is a single business where two or more people share ownership. When two or more people decide to join together to carry on a trade or business, their relationship is considered to be a partnership. In general, each partner contributes to all aspects of the business including money, property, and labor or skill.

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Non Profit

A Non Profit organization (NPO) is a business entity where making a profit is not a primary mission.  Typically, Non Profits are engaged in charitable, educational, religious, or artistic activities of public or private interest. Since Non Profit organizations cannot distribute profit to their directors, officers, or members (those who participate in the management of

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Starting a Green Business

Starting a Green Business? The explosion of organic and eco-friendly products on retail store shelves is more than just a passing fad. It's big business. This means big opportunities for environmentally minded entrepreneurs. According to the The Organic Trade Association's Manufacturer Survey, the organic industry grew by 21% to reach $17.7 billion in consumer sales

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability company is a hybrid-type of legal structure that provides the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership.  The “owners” of an LLC are referred to as “members.” Depending on the state, the members can consist of a single individual (one owner), two or

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How to Name a Business

How to Name a Business is very important to understand. Whether it's a clever moniker, a personal tribute, or simply picked out of hat, your business' name will frame its identity. The significance of choosing a name can sometimes be a tricky undertaking. You may find it helpful to keep alternatives in mind during your

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Green Guide for New Businesses

Green Guide for New Businesses is about adopting environmentally-friendly and energy efficient business practices that provide numerous benefits to new business owners looking to control costs, attract customers, and become socially responsible. This guide provides you with some important information on implementing an environmental strategy for your business, including steps to becoming energy efficient, compliant

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Federal Licenses for Regulated Businesses

Federal Licenses for Regulated Businesses are important but, yYou'll only need a federal license or permit if your business is involved in activities that are supervised and regulated by a federal agency. The types of business activities licensed by the federal government are described below. Agriculture The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issues permits for

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A cooperative is a business or organization that is owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. Profits and earnings that are generated by the cooperative are distributed among the members, also known as user-owners. Typically, an elected board of directors and officers run the cooperative while regular members have voting

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Business Name Registration (Doing Business As)

The legal name of a business is the name of the person or entity that owns a business. If you are the sole owner of your business, its legal name is your full name. If your business is a partnership, the legal name is the name given in your partnership agreement or the last names

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