Good Can Spread Just As Fast As Bad Through Social Media

Social Media Managment - Bad Reputation form Social MediaSocial Media Management is super important and I just noticed this on my wall and I think it is a good thing to point out and drive home. If you are properly monitoring your social media you can take a situation like this into your own hands and turn it into a positive experiance for everyone.

If I was the owner of the company, or an agent, and I saw this. I would respond with an appologie and a discount or something free that they can get on their NEXT visit. Bad things happen from time to time, and getting someone back into your place of business is key. It allows you the chance to show them you care and that the bad situation was a one-off thing.

If it’s not a one-off situation, this also gives you a chance to see it and how it effects your business. You can then take the steps needed to fix the problem and then respond to the customer letting them know that you saw it and have done something about it.

Follow your customers! Be social!

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