How to start a .com business

How to start a .com businessKnowing how to start a .com business is a combination of traditional business practices and new age business practices. This article is intended to teach entrepreneurs how to get start a .com business and, at the same time, offer a few suggestions about how to grow your business.


In today’s tough economy, more and more people are looking to create new sources of income and launch exciting new ideas and product lines. One thing is for sure, the Internet provides a global platform for businesses large and small. The success stories of dot com businesses are many but this is a competitive industry like all others.


As with brick and mortar businesses, there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. The entrepreneur should check with the Department of State in the state where the business will transact business. If the business will be incorporated, the entrepreneur has several favorable choices. Incorporating in Delaware or Nevada can have positive and inexpensive incorporation incentives.


Whether the dot com business is a dba, Limited corporation or c-corporation structure, the business will need a registration number. Typically, Internet businesses are not required to pay sales tax. However, dot coms are required to furnish federal and state income tax returns.


As with conventional businesses, it is not a good idea to randomly develop your .com business. The first step should always be to develop a business plan and create the business model. If the entrepreneur is launching several different dot coms, each site should have a definite business plan. Launching without a model is akin to throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks.


To survive in the competitive Dot com environment, businesses need structure. That structure must contain a well-considered and informed marketing plan. Of course, developing a workable budget is as important as expanding the entrepreneurial energy.


If the entrepreneur has the training to develop code and program the site, that is a real benefit. However, a poor design and poor programming can doom your dot com venture before it gets off the ground. To assure a good launch, either hire a designer or outsource the design to a freelancer.


While the site is being designed, establish a merchant services account. Services like Pay Pal are the online entrepreneurs best friend. This merchant services account can be used globally and is the key to establishing fluid cash flow for your dot com business.

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