Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet

By now you have heard something about SOPA, and this video explains it very well. The bill has good intentions, but like the Bible says, the path to hell is paved by good intentions…watch the video to learn more and why it IMPACTS you and your business…


If you have a business and you have a website for your business or are planning to get one, then this is what you need to send to your Congress Representative  today! (This site here makes it REALLY easy to do )


I am writing to you as a voter in your district. I urge you to vote “no” on cloture for S. 968, the PROTECT IP Act, on Jan. 24th. The PROTECT IP Act is dangerous, ineffective, and short-sighted. It does not deserve floor consideration. I urge my representative to vote “no” on SOPA, the corresponding House bill.

Over coming days you’ll be hearing from the many businesses, advocacy organizations, and ordinary Americans who oppose this legislation because of the myriad ways in which it will stifle free speech and innovation. We hope you’ll take our concerns to heart and oppose this legislation by voting “no” on cloture.

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