Title Loans and Sharks

The old jokes say lawyers are sharks are related.  Today I came across a great article that helps you avoid a different kind of shark….the Arizona Title Loan Shark. In this article they list out some great tips that help you make better choices when you are looking for this type of financing.

These title loan sharks are likely on the corner and in the poorer parts of town with names like “Quick Cash”, “Quick Loan”, “Payday Loans”, “Car Title Loans”. They are starting to spring up everywhere all over the country and will soon rival McDonalds for sheer number of locations.

They are the new fad in predatory lending practices but still manage to fly under the nose of regulation in most states. They don’ t charge interest, they charge a “fee”.

But it sounds like the ultimate in convenience. Need some quick cash – stop by and in just five minutes you can be out the door with $100, $500 even $1000 dollars. But what is the true cost of this “convenience”?

The Loan Store which specializes in Arizona Title Loans lays it all out for us. You be the judge and take a look for your self here, especially if you are looking for an Arizona Title Loan.

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